Art photography
From retro to abstract and avant-garde
About the author
Writing about myself is difficult and somehow wrong. So I decided to use what others have written about me.
Based on the abstracts of my exhibitions.

Photographer Igor Barulin was born in 1959 and lives and works in Riga.
He has been engaged in photography since he was ten years old. At the age of twenty, he entered Riga's most progressive photo studio of that time, VEF, and began to take art photographs.
He spent most of his time in the eighties and nineties in industrial and advertising photography.
He was awarded the bronze medal at the international exhibition-competition "Reklama-90" in Moscow.
The author makes wide and unusual use of digital photography, as well as different technical means of film shooting, specific modes of developing photographs and many other methods, which are known only to experienced photographers.
The author refrains from duplicating his works and very rarely can be seen in the media.
The basis of the exhibition "Contemporary Photoartists of Latvia. Igors Barulins" consists of large-format avant-garde photographs printed on canvas.
The works selected for the exhibition were printed at the studio of Marcis Bendix (Riga, Latvia) and have a limited edition of 5 copies.
Most of the negatives and digital media of Igor Barulin's works are in private collections in Latvia, Russia, Italy, Germany and Japan.
His personal exhibitions were held in Riga, Moscow and London.

Photographs of the collection "Riga: The Past Century" were created in the eighties (from 1981 to 1989). These are city sketches of Riga and belong to the time when digital photo processing technologies were still unknown. These works were digitized in 2009 for a personal exhibition in Riga, Latvia.

"Abstraction and Avant-Garde." The collection consists of large format printed on canvas avant-garde photographsand have a limited edition of 5 copies. Part of this collection was exhibited in 2014 in Moscow "Contemporary Photo Artists of Latvia".

. "Urban Etudes."
This collection contains works of different genres. The collection was not created as an exhibition project.
It presents various cities of the world.
There is also a small part devoted to Paris.

American Art Awards
In 2018-2019, I participated in an international competition and ranked among the top 50 artists in the world. And I came first in my category.You can see more on their website https://www.americanartawards.com/

To create by following the call of your heart,
not by obeying
to the accepted canons and dogmas,
not deviating from the
the path I've chosen and without succumbing to momentary
temptation - that is my credo and my
view of the world
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